10 Reasons To See ‘The Pirates of Penzance’

We open on Friday! And if you need any convincing here are ten very good reasons to buy a ticket…

1. Joe Hewlett is ridiculously attractive.

2. You’ll hear some crazy high notes from these girls.

3. It’s hilarious. Like this picture.

4. There’ll be a few surprises…

5. Stunning choreography from Honor O’Neill πŸ’• (Modelled by the equally stunning Katie Linnane)

6. Lots of swashbuckling pirates.

7. A cast of beautiful girls who will make you realise that learning heightened RP really does come in handy.

8. You will discover how funny the word ‘tarantara’ is in a West Country accent.

9. Unlike some of the other shows we’ve performed this year, you can invite your Granny to this one…

10. You’ll have a great time and leave with a smile on your face like our lovely Tiffany πŸ˜„

The Pirates of Penzance runs from the 9th – 17th of June at the Yvonne Armand Theatre in Guildford.

Book your tickets here!
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