10 Reasons To See ‘The Pirates of Penzance’

We open on Friday! And if you need any convincing here are ten very good reasons to buy a ticket... 1. Joe Hewlett is ridiculously attractive. 2. You'll hear some crazy high notes from these girls. 3. It's hilarious. Like this picture. 4. There'll be a few surprises... 5. Stunning choreography from Honor O'Neill 💕… Continue reading 10 Reasons To See ‘The Pirates of Penzance’


‘For I Am A Pirate Swing’

Apologies. It's been a whole week since I last posted, and the reason is I am so tired. I get in after rehearsal, make dinner and keep my eyes open for just about long enough to eat it before I fall asleep for the remainder of the evening. But it's ok cos I'm 'happy tired'. You know… Continue reading ‘For I Am A Pirate Swing’